VCR Lesson 7

Matt Janson

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from Lesson 7

Macaroons are a treat generally __________ within the broader category of cookies.

The Word

Subsume (tr. v.)
To place in a larger category or under a general heading or principle

subsumption, noun

Its Roots

Sumo, Sumere, Sumpsi, Sumptum < Latin "to take," "to obtain"




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The term "subsumption" has a number of real-world applications. In robotics, subsumption architecture refers to the hierarchy of commands that the sensor sends to the actuator. For instance, in the illustration, the command "Explore World" is subsumed within the command "Wander Around", which is in turn, subsumed within the command "Avoid Objects". On a similar vein, subsumption can also refer to the minor premise in a syllogism. In the categorical syllogism below, "Bill", the subject of the minor premise, is subsumed within the larger category identified in the major premise, Christians.
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Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

A. Baseball cards are subsumed within the general realm of sports memorabilia.
B. Subsumative syllogisms are ones in which a broad category is pared down into more specific fundamental parts.
C. Subsumption architecture in robotics was developed in the 1980s and led to the creation of more advanced programming systems several years later.
D. In Linnean taxonomy, multiple genera can be subsumed within a family, and multiple families subsumed within an order.

The correct answer is B, the word icon does not have a verb form.