Information about Winds by Aleesa Jordan

General Information

Wind is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.

Wind is caused by changes in the atmosphere's pressure. When air moves from high to low pressure in an area, it results in winds of various speeds!

Local Winds

The local winds just about, well, anywhere are the Land and Sea breezes. Sea breeze is a wind that blows from an ocean or lake towards land. And a Land breeze is a wind that blows from land towards a body of water. Both are technically the same, just coming from different places. And the come up in different ways.

Land Breeze:

Land breezes blow from land to the body of water before them, the heat from the water goes with the coolness of the air and that's how it passes by. Land breezes happen at night.

Sea Breeze:

It's the same as the land breeze, but it happens during the day. Cold water to hot air equals sea breeze!

Three Winds.

Welcome to the World of Winds

Global Winds

Global winds are winds that travel over a large area, like the Earth.

Doldrums are at the Equator, (0 degrees latitude) Doldrums winds are very weak.

Trade Winds are very strong, people, like sailors, used these winds to move cargo to different countries for trading goods.

Jet Streams are bands of very strong winds in the upper troposphere. Airplanes use the jet streams to travel places faster, and save fuel.

Polar Easterlies blow from the south and north pole, and the winds are very weak. They also go from east to west.


The doldrums in this picture are at the equator of 0 degrees latitude and the winds are very weak, they have calm breezes and rarely any storms.
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