Celebrate Independence!!!

Sydney Hughes 4th Period

The 4th of July VS. el 16 de septiembre (The Similarities and The Differences) & Interesting Facts

Both celebrations are made to celebrate the Independence of their country. These celebrations are celebrated with with parades and parties that usually include fireworks. On these days, people support their country by wearing their country's colors.

In Mexico however, their President says a speech started by ringing a bell. In his speech he includes the audience ( click here to see a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIcF_ziSlWU ). In Mexico, the parties are very cultural with big dresses and dances, while in the United States, there are small, or big parties, but the activities vary and may not include some of the cultural elements. El 16 de septiembre actually starts on the night of the 15, while the United States celebrates when ever they want to and usually on the day of the 4th.