Andrew Jackson as President

Events from his Presidency

The Nullification Crisis

During Andrew Jackson's presidency, two tariffs were passed: the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1932. These tariffs upset the South because the imports they relied on were now so more much expensive, but made the North very happy because the tariffs made American products cheaper than foreign ones, so more people bought them and Northerners made more of a profit. South Carolina in particular was very angry about the tariffs and didn't want to pay them, so Congress passed the Force Bill, which gave Andrew Jackson permission to use the U.S. Army to make them pay. South Carolina threatened to leave the Union as a response, so the 1833 Compromise Tariff- which said tariffs would be lowered- was established.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson thought that the National Bank only favored the wealthy, so he set out to get rid of it. When Congress passed the National Bank renewal on to Jackson, he vetoed it. However, the National Bank still had four years left until it would be shut down, but Jackson couldn't wait that long. He kept making withdrawals and putting money into state banks until the National Bank had no money left and was forced to shut down.
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Worchester v. Georgia

Once the Cherokee found gold on their already rich land, the Americans became envious and wanted to take the land for themselves. So, the Cherokee filed a lawsuit which went up to the Supreme Court, where John Marshall ruled that the Cherokee's land was not negotiable, and that no American could take it. However, Andrew Jackson completely ignored the ruling. He continued with his own plans to relocate the Natives (which he referred to as Indians) to a different territory outside of the States.
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Jackson Political Cartoon

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This political cartoon of Andrew Jackson represents how some people felt when he vetoed the renewal of the National Bank. They felt that he was abusing his presidential powers, which is made clear by the way he is stepping on the U.S. Constitution in the cartoon. They began to think of him as more of a tyrant, which is why he is dressed as a king and seems to have a throne in the background.

Comment Section

Comment 1:

Worchester v. Georgia was a hot mess! It proves just how despicable and relentless President Jackson will be just to get his way. John Marshall clearly decided that my people and I could stay on our own land as a sovereign nation, but no! Him completely ignoring the ruling proves that Jackson is incompetent and doesn't care that we are human beings, too. We all saw this coming from a mile away, just how horrible Jackson would be in charge. Squeezing all of us into one territory? I feel like it should be Jackson that is put into the corner.


Comment 2:

The Nullification Crisis? Never! Passing those tariffs was the best thing that could have ever happened to the North, and I, for one, am completely overjoyed that President Jackson made it happen! People here always want the best deal, so making foreign products more expensive drove them all the way to my little shop at the corner! Sure, the South suffered a little bit, but it all worked out in the end; it was a win-win! In my opinion, those tariffs were the best thing Jackson ever did as president.