My Dream Career

Brady Kirsch

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Athletic Trainer

My dream career would be to work as a head athletic trainer for a professional or major college football team. I am very passionate about sports and love football. Throughout my career, I have had numerous injuries, including two broken legs. While dealing with these injuries I have had to rehab and get my ankles tape a ton. This has caused me to have an interest in athletic training. Athletic trainers teach athletes how to prevent injuries, assess and treat injuries, help rehab athletes, and provide athletes with the proper equipment to assist their injury. To get started, I would first have to attend college and earn a master's degree, or possibly a PhD in athletic training. Then, I would have to work as an intern before getting hired and working as an assistant to a head college athletic. Finally, after years of experience, I would eventually become the head trainer at a major college or professional team. As an assistant I would start off by earning $30,000- $45,000 a year, but working for a professional team, I could earn over $100,000. Overall, I think this would be a fantastic career for me.
The Day of a Athletic Trainer: Football Edition