John Lennon

Chasing a Dream

The Teddy Boy

-He lived with his aunt, Mimi, after his dad left and his mother did not have the money to provide for him. He later reconnected with his mother before her death.

-No father or mother
-His aunt was middle class, but she still had a good amount of money.

-He had an uncle, but his uncle died in 1955.

-His mother's death was a very hard time for him. She died recently after reconnecting with John in 1958.

-In John's teenage years, he was a "teddy boy". He had a dream to become a rock n' roll artist like Elvis and began to play the guitar.

-His aunt did not approve of this behavior and constantly told him to get a normal job.

Challenges and Obstacles

-His Aunt Mimi did not believe he could ever get somewhere with guitar and constantly told him that.

-John didn't know how to read music or even properly play the guitar, until he met Paul McCartney.

-In the beginning of his career, he needed to play in dirty clubs located in Hamburg, Germany. He lived inside these clubs with the other band members.

-Got rejected many times before signing with a record producer.

-John lost his best friend, Stu, early in their career.

Never Giving Up

-After the heartbreaking death of his mother, he used his pain to begin writings songs.

-He accepted the changes he needed to make to make the band better, even if he didn't agree with them.

-Even though his Aunt and many others told him he could never become a rock n' roll artist, he kept trying.

-He spent 2 years living in clubs around Hamburg, Germany, just for the chance of a record deal.

-He spent hours learning to play the guitar.

-Even when The Beatles became famous, John had to deal with the press, drugs, the other members of the Beatles,and his own opinions.

Life Accomplishments

-Known to be one of the most influential people that has ever lived.

-A member of one of the most popular bands of all time, The Beatles.

-Part of one of the most famous song-writing duos of all time, Lennon and McCartney.

-Was in 12 movies

-He brought people in together with his music in one of the most controversial times of his generation.

Viewing His Dreams

Even in John's teenage years, he viewed his dreams as a certainty. His entire future relied on his dream becoming a reality. John wasn't very good in school and was a rebellious teenage. In one of his interviews, John says that if he wasn't a musician at the moment, he would probably be in jail. Even as a young adult, John knew that one of his only options in his future was becoming a musician and he relied on that.