Monday Memo 5/16

This week's Wyatt h APP enings~

Making our lists, checking them twice

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I'm sure you feel like I do - it's exciting that the school year is winding down, but that means there is SO MUCH TO DO! Believe me, I feel the same pain that you feel. One thing I have always done, is given an End of the Year Checklist to staff. Why? Because lists are helpful - this is not meant to be 'another thing added to your list', but a way for all of us to be on the same page about what needs to be done to close down the year. Not only that, these are things you do anyway - I doubt if there is anything new.

I like teams to check out together on the last day of school - Chris will be the checker-outer. That means every teacher on the team has gotten all their items checked off, the grade level area is ready for the custodians to begin the summer clean-up, and you are ready to walk out the door! I really hope that will be on June 3 for everyone (well, maybe not Donna)

Teacher Tech Survey

I need everyone to do this survey today - I really want to get 100% of teachers, paras and any staff person who works with kids and has been involved in our tech initiative - REALLY this will only take one minute!


Please make sure that you are really aware of where your kids are and what they are doing. We definitely have seen a rise in silly behavior and poor decision-making. Even kids that typically do everything right, might blow it! Keep as much routine and structure as possible.

We tend to show more movies at the end of the year too. We checked the district policy guide and couldn't find a specific guideline on what kids could or couldn't watch. At one time it was spelled out - just G rated movies, and only those movies that were on a specific list. I'm not finding that list or any reference to it, so I am assuming things have lightened up somewhat. But here are a few guidelines - obviously, don't show any movie you haven't watched yourself. G rated are best, but there are some PG that might be ok for older kids. Again, make sure you have watched the movie with a critical eye. If there is any portion of a movie that you wonder about, then it's probably best NOT to show it. I don't want to get calls about movies that are shown - please decide as a team what will be shown and make good choices.

Outdoor Play and Inclement Weather/Drills

Nurse Tammie sent out an important email on May 10. It had two attachments that you need to take a look at - one has to do with outdoor temperatures which will be rising steadily in the next few days, the other has to do with safety protocol during inclement weather.

Please make sure you take time to review our important safety drills with the students - hopefully we will get through the year without an event, but let's make sure everyone knows what to do...

I plan to have a drill or two this week - let Chris know times when a practice drill would interfere with Map Testing or something else that is hard to reschedule. We'll try to work around it.


On Thursday, May 19th right after announcements students in grades 2 - 4 will come to the cafeteria to listen to the STUCCO Election speeches - voting will take place afterwards and Kim will review how that is done.

Don't forget to register SUMMER ELEMENTARY ACADEMY July 26 - 28

Here's the link to the session information and registration for this summer's academy -; Brian Thomas sent an email on May 11 explaining how to get registered... in a nutshell he said:

Summer Elementary Academy Registration

Registration for SEA begins at midnight on May 15th through My Learning Plan.

· The best way to locate the sessions for the Academy is to type “SEA” in the search box on the homepage of the district catalog.

· This should populate all the sessions by date: July 26, July 27, or July 28.

· The capacity of most sessions is 24, with a 10 person waitlist. See each session for specific capacity.

· If you sign up for a session and realize you cannot attend, please withdraw from that session to allow someone else that place.

· Plan on joining us for lunch these 3 days:

o Food trucks selling lunch on the 26th

o Dr. Binggeli joins us for lunch on the 27th

o FANS selling lunchtime favorites on the 27th and 28th

· See the catalog for session descriptions on the SEA website.

Terry's Tech Tip: Sometimes the link in the email won't work, so use the direct link for My Learning Plan which is

Update on Wyatt Family in Need

Derek's mother, Elizabeth, would like all of you to know how much she appreciates your prayers of love and support. Several of you have asked how you can help so I am sending out two links:

To help with meals:

Sign up to take the family at meal at

To make a donation:

A go fund me account has been set up by Derek’ soccer coach.


The final assembly of the year will be on Wednesday, June 1. Originally, we had planned for a morning assembly, but due to not being able to reschedule SBIC, which is also the morning of the 1st, we will have the assembly in the afternoon. There will be an alternate schedule in place that day to allow for planning periods.

T-TESS Domain IV

Domain IV is attached to this email.. please review when you have some time.



17 - Donna Queen for the Day!

18 - Donna's Retirement Party

19 - Student Council Election; Choir Concert; Security interviews (not all staff will interview)

20 - Security Audit Walk-through

23 - Sandy Lake

24 - TL Retreat

25 - Senior Reunion

26 - Field Day

27 - Campus PDH Day

30 - Memorial Day


1 - Rain Date for Field Day; SBIC;Assembly

2 - Bump-up; Yearbook Signing; 5th Grade Celebration

3 - Parties; Flag Lowering; Early Release; Last Day for Ts documenting 8 hours