Society and Workers Get An Update

By Lily Herreid

Improvements in society.

All over the states, there is a movement. A movement to ban alcohol. This was one of many things that people tried to do to improve our society. They used pamphlets, preaching and papers to spread the word about these movements. They believed that we could ‘fix’ our states if we tried hard enough. Some worked while others didn’t, but they were all for the good of the states and our growth.

Change spread throughout the early United States

Workers push for a change

Workers saw these movements and decided they needed one of their own. In Massachusetts especially, workers were upset about many things. They thought they deserved shorter hours, more pay, and better living and work conditions. They would go on strike to try to get what they wanted. The owners also wanted better habits. When a panic hit, there was scarce jobs and money so the striking wore down because they needed what they could get. The fight for workers rights continue.