Jill's Mission Adventure

September 2013

I'm here!

I arrived in Abbotsford, BC on September 1st and am already settling in to my 4 months in the Mission Training and Equipping program (MTE) with MB Mission. Along with myself, there are 12 other people in my class. It has already been a huge blessing to meet daily with people who are on similar journeys of discerning where, when and how we will serve overseas.

We have classes 5 days a week, with a few weekend events. So far we've had training on Spiritual Authority/Conflict, Principals of Fundraising, Personal Style Inventory, The Holy Spirit, Listening to God and Intercessory Prayer. God has been teaching me lots already.

Our first Saturday we had a team building event of climbing Elk mountain. Elk mountain is not huge from BC standards, but for a southwestern Ontario girl, it was quite a hike. I was reminded again that the path up the mountain may be difficult, but there is plenty to learn on the way, and the view from the top is worth it.

My Summer

My summer was a busy one, as sold my house, and sold/gave away/put into storage most of my things, and finished up work. I'm so grateful for all the support I received from friends and family, who came along side to help in practical ways and who spoke words of encouragement. I'd love to say I handled all of the goodbyes gracefully and without tears, but that wasn't always the case. I'm so grateful for God's grace, as He has allowed for many baby steps along the way. He's been asking me regularly if He is worth it, and I know for certain that He is.

What's next?

The most common question I've had recently is of course, Do you know where you are going? And the answer is still no. The header to this newsletter is that "I'm here", and I believe that this is a season of simply trusting in God, resting in Him, and being fully present. Where I'll be later is one I'm excited to find out about too, but for now, I'm happy to be "here".

I'll add one of favourite songs below, for those of you who would rather listen to a song than read through my lengthy newsletters. :)

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the 13 people in MTE as we adjust to new homes and new daily routines
  • Pray for MB Mission leaders and guest speakers, for wisdom as they teach
  • Pray that I learn to live completely dependent on Jesus
  • Pray for deeper understanding of what it means to rest and trust in Him
  • Pray that God would lead and direct which team and country I will serve in

Contact Information:

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Mailing address until December 19, 2013:

32268 Clinton Ave

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300-32040 Downes Road

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Meredith Andrews - Worth It All (lyrics below)