Amanda Knox trial

1. This article concerns Amanda Knox who was accused of murdering her roommate in Italy. She is American and the case blew up in the public eye as she was being tried. She was sent back home to America however new evidence was found in the case that can send Knox to prison she did not return to Italy to here the verdict.Her boyfriend faced the jury alone many called Amanda a coward for staying away. We still aren't clear on what happened to Amanda s roommate but either Amanda knows who killed her or she herself committed the crime and that is what the court is trying to decipher. We will have to wait months to hear the final verdict.

2.The author of this article is informing people following this case about the trial details letting people know whats happening here with Amanda in the states and also whats going on in the Italian court room.

3.I agree the article wasn't really opinionated it was more information and it all sounded accurate.

4.I wouldn't change anything i think the author did a good job of working with the little information provided they remained unbiased and just informed.

5.This story belongs in the feature category because it is informative and not an opinion or sport.

committing to play

1. 1.In this article we learn the story of 14 year old Haley who has been recruited by 16 different colleges before even beginning the ninth grade. The article talks about the pressures young teen s face when choosing what schools to sign for. The rules are that colleges are supposed to wait until the child is in high school and contact them through their coach however lately more and more colleges are individually seeking out these young stars to call dibs.

2. 2. The author’s objective is to shed light on the current issue of colleges pressing young students to make life decisions before their time. The intended audience would be parents and athletic students.

3. 3. I agree students already have enough pressure but to make such a major decision at such a young age can be stressful. Not to mention the fact that they haven’t even experienced high school and they might have a change of heart by the time they graduate on where they wish to attend college.

4. 4. I would add more examples to back up my thesis Haley was a great example but it needs more kids who demonstrate being stressed by college recruiters

5. This article would be under feature because it is about a specific person and the author interviewed her.

Boston bomber

boston bomber

1.This article is about the Boston Bomber who has been sentenced to death after trying to kill innocent runners at the Boston Marathon. His brother was killed in a police chase that took place days after the attack.Now alone he must face his judgment and be put to death he hasn't shown any remorse for the murders and injuries he has caused so this only added fuel to the jury decision. Victims expressed relief after hearing the news happy to hear justice is being dealt.

2.The author is reaching out to any American who has felt worry and anxiety over the recent terrorist attack. His goal is to inform about the current case.

3.I agree he deserves to be punished i'm not sure if the death penalty is something i believe in personally but he did deserve to be punished for what he did.

4.The article was good i wouldn't change anything he was informative and expressed true feelings of relief.

5. I think this article does belong in variety because it is opinionated yet informative and has quotes from victims and statements from police.



1. In Utah parents are furious after hearing that their children's lunches were taken from them and thrown away due to unpaid balances on their lunch accounts.The school said once the lunch is served to a student it cannot be reserved to another . However parents seem to be more angry at the fact that the lunch that had already been served was taken and thrown away at all instead of letting the kids finish their meal.

2.The authors objective is to try and inform and change this protocol that Utah schools must enforce. The audience are the parents involved who want their story heard and would like to see a change.

3.I agree 100 percent there was no point in taking the kids food away after it was served to them and most likely they had already started eating it.

4.I wouldn't change anything it got right to the point and had quotes from the students and parents even quotes from the school so as far as articles go it was pretty well rounded.

5.This would fit in with variety it is uncovering a story about school.

snowy owl

snowy owl

1.This article is about snow owls migrating to warmer regions and being in danger. According to the article there is a lack of food where they live so they are traveling far south to the east coast seeking food and shelter. However the problems begin to arise when you take a bird who is use to trees and snow and out it in the city where there are buses and people .That is what happened to this owl it was taken to the national zoo after being hit by a bus.

2.The authors purpose was to inform readers about our new visitors and maybe even advise caution to those who come in contact with the owls. The audience is people who have an interest in owls or live on the east coast.

3. I agree with the author it is very dangerous for the owls to be freely roaming in the streets.

4.I have nothing major i would change except maybe getting a few quotes from civilians who spotted the bird but it was very helpful to have zoologist and veterinarians quotes in the article.

5.This article would go under feature it is a specific story putting a spotlight on the arctic owl.