The Great Depression

Monday, June 3rd 1929 at 8:30pm

Wall Street Exchange Alley

New York, NY

We will all remember the great depression and have a party

What was the Great Depression?

Great question, the great depression was a time where the economy plummeted and no one had money.

What are some cool facts about the great depression?

The Great Depression peaked between 1932 and 1933

Some 6,000 street vendors walked the streets of New York City in 1930 trying to sell apples for 5 cents each

Zippers became widely used because buttons became too expensive.

Because the circulation of money was so low, the U.S. didn't mint nickels in 1932 or 1933

The stock market didn't return to pre-depression levels until 1954

During the 1930s, manufacturing employees earned about $17 per week. Doctors earned $61 per week

In the 1920s, the wealthiest one percent owned more than a third of American assets

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