From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate

By: Kaeden Davidson 3rs


Did you know that in the old day's cocoa bean's were money? my s.a. is about .chocolate Chocolate is one of my favorite desert in the world. People can turn chocolate in to Chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream and a lot more thing's . So many people like chocolate. OF CUORS you know that chocolate is soooo good but did you know when chocolate starts It is the size of a !FOOTBALL!


Pods are the size of a football can't you believe how big that is ok so pods have a white Suger tast to it but do not eat it


The beans are white but a machine that makes them brown. after crushing the beans it's Called nibs. the nibs get grinded then it become's liquidly . A machine puts the liquidey stuff In the machine and when its done you call it chocolate licker but no alcohol in it.


: In the old days people would use cocoa beans as money

: People called liquid'y chocolate CHOCOLATLE

: Chocolate does not give you cavities that much


The chocolate has to get dry'd to go to the factory
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