Stress Management

2.21 TASK: Mental/Emotional/Social- Self Management

Reduce/Manage Stress

I currently play soccer around three times a week for 2 hours. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I practice from 7-9 at Buckman field and on the weekends I have one to two games at various locations. I think being active regularly has helped me not get as stressed about school. I don't take very rigorous classes this year, but when I have multiple assignments for multiple classes I tend to get overwhelmed. When I exercise, everything else doesn't really matter. I only focus on what's going on then and there, not on all my assignments. I think being active allows one to forget about their surroundings and distress.

To Do Lists

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I sit down (hopefully away from distractions) and write a list of everything I need to accomplish. This way, I can prioritize everything I need to do. I also think making a list is helpful, because when you have finished you can cross the task out. Personally seeing everything that I have accomplished, it motivates me to continue until I finish all of my tasks.

Anger/Conflict Management


Whenever I am angry, I try to exercise. I prefer running when I am angry. I blast my music really loudly and run in my neighborhood. Running is a really good way to get anger out. I find myself about to think of why I am angry and solutions when I am running. If I can't think of a solution, I keep running until I do. This way I either think of a solution or I get tired and return home and rest. I get over my anger pretty easily without exercising, but I recommend whenever one is really upset.


Whenever I have a conflict, I like to take a step back from the situation and write down why I am upset. I find that I either think of a solution while writing, or I am able to get over the conflict. Writing is also a really good way to organize your thoughts, during conflict my mind tends to be really jumbled. This method is fool-proof for me, but I think just writing down the conflict and your feelings is a great start if you don't solve your problem while writing.