Log Cabins

Made/Written By Kameron Auch

1. When The Settlers Arrived

When the Pioneers first arrived at there new land the first things they did was build log cabins to make shelter for there families. They built there log cabins in areas where there were trees and resources for there needs.
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2.The First Things The Pioneers Had To Do

One of the first things that the pioneers had to do was clear the land where the house could be built. They would also want some space around the home where they could plant a garden, build a barn, and keep some animals like chickens. Sometimes they cut down trees and removed the stumps to clear the land. Of course, the trees they cut down could also be used for their log cabins.

3.Building The Log Cabins

Log cabins didn't require a lot of resources, just trees and an axe or saw. They didn't need nails or spikes to hold them together and they could be built quickly. Most log cabins were simple one room buildings where the entire family would live. Once the farm was up and running, settlers often built bigger homes or added on to the existing log cabin.