30 December 2022

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TAC Boys Basketball Team Bring Home the Mersin Championship Trophy

As a result of the final match at Servet Tazegül Sports Hall in Mersin on Thursday, December 29, TAC’s basketball team was awarded the championship title by scoring 74-61 points against Mersin Toros College. TAC Basketball Team will proudly represent the school and the province at the Regional Championship, which will be held on 7-11 February 2023. We congratulate the champions and wish to see the same successful performance at the Regional Championship.

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Girls Volleyball Team Successfully Represent TAC at the Mersin Finals

At the provincial tournament, TAC’s Girls Volleyball Team made the community proud by their second placement in Mersin following their final game in Mersin on Wednesday, December 28th. The team will now represent our school and Mersin province at the Regional Championship to be held in Adana on 11-14 January 2023. We congratulate our girls and invite all members of the TAC family to cheer for them at the regional tournament.

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TAC Students Move to the Next Stage at the International Knowledge Bowl

TAC’s IB students in grade 11, Cem Sağlam, Cenk Sağlam, Naz Kurtuluş, Alpartun Günhan, Yağmur Serin, Benan Güneş and Melis Ata, who competed at the Russia-based “Urfodu” (International Basic Sciences Knowledge Contest) passed the first stage.

TAC students joined the contest in the following branches and all of them qualified for the finals:

Cem: English, German, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics

Cenk: English, German, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Naz: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Alpartun: Physics and English

Yağmur: English, Physics and Mathematics

Benan and Melis: Biology

Urfodu is an international knowledge contest organized by Russia, giving the opportunity to 5th-11th grade students from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey to demonstrate their knowledge in biology, chemistry, English, French, geography, German, mathematics and physics. It consists of two stages: the first stage is online through the website, and the second takes place either at the international test center or online, optionally. Students who pass the first stage are eligible for the second stage.

We are proud of the outstanding achievements of TAC students and wish them the best in the second stage of the competition.

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TAC Robotics Team Receives the "Innovate Award"

“TAC Bears” Robotics Team, comprised of members of the school’s Robotics Club, competed at the “Vex Robotics High School Tournament” hosted by Hisar Schools in Istanbul on 24-25 December. At the end of the event, during which the robot design process was explained and the engineering notebook was explored, the TAC group’s endeavors were found worthy of "Innovate Award" after the jury’s deliberations.

With the “Innovate Award” TAC qualified for the Turkish National Finals, which will be held on February 25-26, 2023. We congratulate our innovative thinkers and wish them continued success at the national finals.

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TAC’s European Youth Parliament (EYP) Club Attended the Trainings by EYP Turkey

Students of the TAC European Youth Parliament (EYP) Club attended the “European Youth Parliament 101 and 201” trainings hosted by TEV İnanç Türkeş Private High School in Gebze on 24-25 December 2022.

TAC students practised many skills during their studies in various course modules in the fields of academic, organization, and media. With these trainings, our students became the official members of the European Youth Parliament of Turkey and will continue to participate in the upcoming conferences and trainings across Europe. We are proud of the TAC’s official EYP members and wish them continued success.

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First Prize at the Tarsus Chess Tournament

TAC’s 9th grader Taylan Rüzgar placed first at the traditional “Chess Tournament for Tarsus Liberation Day” organized by the Tarsus Municipality as part of a series of activities to mark the 101st anniversary of the city’s liberation from enemy occupation.

While the tournament was a scene to stiff competition, the chess games extended to the evening hours. Taylan received his first prize award from Mr. Haluk Bozdoğan, the Tarsus Mayor.

We congratulate Taylan and wish him continued success.

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New Year's Surprise From TAC Students for the Young In-Patients

The New Year’s gift packages prepared by a group of 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders under the leadership of grade 11 IB students were personally delivered to the children who were being treated at the hospital in Tarsus. Our hope with the visit was to bring the fun and excitement of the New Year to children who will spend the new year at the hospital. TAC students had the opportunity to chat with both the ailing children and the health personnel who are in charge. The result of this personal attention was seen in the bright smiles of the young patients, which made this visit worthwhile.

The ultimate goal of these community service activities, which treat TAC students to the unique sense of being able to reach out to the wider community, is for each student to turn these wonderful moments into a life-long awareness and philosophy. We would like to thank our students for their dedication and wish them success in their growth as the community leaders of the future.

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TAC Students Advocate the Idea “Sustainable Life Starts With Soil”

Driven by the motto "Sustainability Begins with Soil", TAC students started working on agricultural projects from the very basic step of production: shoveling the soil and planting different seeds including broad bean, cress, arugula and parsley. The ultimate step of the project will be generate funds from the sales of the end product to be used for community service.

In addition to exposing students to agricultural activities, the project also aims to raise student awareness regarding the care and patience required during the whole process.

We are proud of TAC students who are learning to produce and have high community awareness, and looking forward to seeing the results of their efforts.

TAC’s Grade 11 Non-IB Students Celebrate the New Year with the Younger Students at Village School

TAC’s 11th graders, who have been dedicating their time and energy to community service activities since the preparatory year, celebrated the new year with the students of Demirhisar Village Primary School.

TAC students presented the gifts they have diligently packed to each individual student who they hosted at TAC campus. The guest students were very happy with the warm coats that received as gifts, and had a very enjoyable time at the TAC campus for the rest of the day.

In addition to spending great time as host and guest students, it is an important support that the sister school students receive English lessons from the “student teachers” of TAC, as their education is limited with regard to foreign language.

We congratulate the 11th graders of TAC and thank them for being the best ambassadors of the TAC tradition of service learning.

TAC’s Traditional “Community Outreach New Year Party” on December 28

The “New Year Party”, one of the most-awaited community service event of TAC, was held under the theme “Work hard, laugh loud, bond strong” by TAC’s 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. The activities which involved primary school students from Demirhisar and Kanberhöyük villages were entertaining for TAC students as much as for the younger students.

The young students who learned "New Year" related vocabulary, watched and analyzed short films as part of their English lesson, left the TAC campus, once again, with smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts.

TAC expresses gratitude to all students in the IB and the national programs who organized this celebration and the teachers involved for their support.

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Experiments in Science Lessons Continue in Full Speed

Experiment Name: Determination of free fall acceleration

In the physics experiment, IB Physics HL students in grade 10 calculated the fall acceleration of an object at certain levels using the Photogate sensor and logger pro 3 program.

Experiment Name: Separation of photosynthetic pigments by chromatography.

In the biology lesson with 10 IB and 11 IB class students, the spinach leaf was extracted in acetone solvent and the pigments in the leaf were separated using chromatography paper. Different colors were observed in the experiment, as the pigments absorb light in different wavelengths.

As part of the acid&base experiments in the chemistry laboratory, grade 12 IB students conducted an experiment to determine the difference in conductivity in weak and strong acids through a "conductivity probe", and the pH values through a "pH probe" and "pH paper". In addition, they performed the magnesium reaction with strong and weak acids. Our students had a better chance of observing the phenomenon by examining the gas bubbles which appear with the difference in the use of weak acids versus strong acids.

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