Leader Profile

Early life

He was born in 1889 in Austria and moved to Linz in 1898. He seemed a career in visual arts although his father wanted him to do something in the field of civil service. After his father's death, he was able to convince his mother to let him pursue his dream. He struggled with his career until his mother passed away in 1909 and he moved to Vienna. There, he became influenced by two political movements, the German rasist nationalism propagated by the politician Georg Von Schönerer and Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna at the time.

Political Career

Shortly after the war, he joined the German workers party, a very disorganized group with only a handful of members. Soon he became the chairman of NADAP and renamed the group the National Socialist German Workers' Party. in 1923, he challenged the government and the Jews. He was tried for treason and was arrested. He was imprisioned for eight months where he wrote "Mein Kampf". After being released, he decided to achieve power constitutionally instead of with arms. He reassembled the NSDAP and soon with the support primarily from the lower class, the nazi party came into power.

His Speech

Hitler's speech to the German people was so effective because it played on their pride and the built up hatred they had from WWI. He was confident and assertive with what he said, yet was clever with his words.