Jennifer Armendariz

All about me!!

About me!!

I describe my self as nice, tall , hilarious, flamboyant, giggle, quite, sugar-coated, cheerful clumsy,friendly and some times weird but people and my friends like my weirdness i usually don't talk but when i'm with my friends and family i talk a lot.

Hobbies and interests

What i like to do is go outside, ride my horse Fantastic, ride my four wheeler. I am a very athletic person i love to play volleyball horse riding and volleyball are my passion. Also i like going to the movies and hanging out with my friends and gossip about stuff that's new.

A little about me !!!!

Places i have gone and what i like to do.


Colorado is one of the states i have gone with my family to visit. It is a very beautiful state that has mountains and when it snows is stars to get really chilly. That's when its a good time to go up to the mountains in you're four wheelers and dirt bikes

Jennifer Armendariz :)

I am more of a quite girl when it comes to school. But when i'm with my friends or with my family i'm really loud and talk a lot. Well maybe its because it get a little shy to like talk but i still talk a little but i do what i'm suppose to do when a teacher tells me. Also i love horses and volleyball also to party.