September is the month to jump right back into your business

Last month was amazzzzing and many of you shattered your goals in a trying month that is August! Kudos to you and kudos to those that are gearing up for September and jumping back into your business. So many reason to jump back in, so be sure to check out this weeks buzz for ALL the details!

Kudos to those that were active in August-- you did an awesome job!
Nelly Goulart, Kristi Gabel, Sara Rivera, Marylene Chan, Beth Martin, Amanda Ambrosetti, Alaina Devens, Tracy Barr, Heather Denham, Cindy Fox, Susan Schiller, Kelly Harris, Stella Person, Christen Myers, and Aspen Woolery!

Our team stretch goal for September

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Let's book 30 trunk shows for September!

Kudos to everyone that has already booked 1 or more trunk shows for September! That is awesome, and for those that are working on it, we still have time. I have set a GIANT stretch goal for our team to book 30 trunk shows for the month of September. We have so much to work with this month!

If you are a bit rusty, or have taken a break from your business, that is ok. This is the month to jump right back in because we are nearing the holidays! This is a very exciting time with Stella & Dot, and 1 or 2 trunk shows in September could lead to 4-6 in November and a very fun holidays you will be having!!

Keep up to date on words to say and images to help you book on our Team Blue Topaz Facebook Page!

We can do this!! Go team!!!

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Love, Lindsey Neuhaus