29 May 2020

Our Vision

Our Lady of Fatima Palmyra is a Catholic School that aspires to

provide a respectful, secure and caring learning environment

where our community is committed to following

the teachings of Jesus.

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

As things start to return to a sense of normality for the children, we have been able to re-schedule our school photos dates and the student and parent information sessions with Paul Litherland related to Cyber Safety, which were scheduled for early in Term 2 originally. We are currently working through processes to change and/or re-schedule things to ensure we keep to a minimum, experiences and opportunities that the children may miss out on. This approach includes our Semester One Report as well, it will look different compared to what it would normally looks like due to the disruption with the COVID-19, but we will still be including a significant amount to ensure it is an informative reflection of what your child/ren have achieved throughout the first Semester.

Drop Off/Pick Up Process

Thanks again to the parents for their flexibility with the Drop Off and Pick Up processes we have needed to put in place, it does seem to be working pretty well. One of the benefits of being a small school means that we do not have the huge numbers of students all arriving and departing at the same time holding up a significant amount of traffic, often on main roads, which is what some schools are experiencing at the moment. We continue to assume that this process will be in place for the remainder of the school term, we will inform parents as things change.

School Photos Update

We have managed to re-schedule our School Photo date for early in Term 3 after it was cancelled this week due to COVID-19. The new date is Monday 3rd August which is the start of Week 3, Term 3. Our Pre-Kindy children will have their photo taken the following day on Tuesday 4th August.

Cyber Safety Presentation

We have also re-scheduled the Cyber Safety presentation by Paul Litherland for a date later in the year, Monday 26th October. Paul will facilitate a presentation to the children in Years 5 and 6 in the afternoon from 1:45pm – 2:45pm. He will return to speak to the parents at 6:30pm that evening and facilitate a session with the parents until approximately 8pm. The target audience is the top half of our school, parents of children in Years 3-6. Everyone is welcome but given the speed with which this area changes and develops, the information presented will be more relevant to the parents of children in the top half of the school.

Semester One Reports

We are currently working through a process to modify the Semester One reports which need to be adjusted due to the disruption to learning at the end of Term 1 and the start of Term 2, related to COVID-19. I will provide some more information about the content of the semester report in the next newsletter. In the meantime however, we would like to survey the parent community regarding whether or not we change to providing an electronic copy of the report as opposed to a paper copy. A significant proportion of schools have moved away from the paper copy, but it is something that we have continued to provide to this point. I will be sending home a very short survey (1 question) to gauge opinion across the community to see whether or not we make the change to an electronic report.

Winter Uniform Transition

Given that we are now at the end of Week 5, Term 2, we are expecting all children to have made the transition into the winter school uniform. I would also encourage children to have a jumper with them at school this time of the year, we do regularly have children looking very cold out on the playground and they do not have a jumper to put on for their own comfort and well-being. All families are asked to ensure children are wearing the correct school socks and a periodical reminder for the time when sport shoes are replaced, our uniform requirement is for the children to wear predominantly white sport shoes. Thank you to all parents for their support with these uniform requirements.

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National Reconciliation Week

The Our Lady of Fatima School Community will acknowledge National Reconciliation Week next Tuesday 2 June. All classes will begin the day with an Acknowledgement to Country followed by a prayer for reconciliation. Tuesday 2 June acknowledges Aboriginal Culture during National Reconciliation Week. Each class will explore Aboriginal culture through specifically allocated books and will complete an activity on their chosen theme. All texts have been

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Finally, I would like to wish everyone in our community a safe and restful long weekend in the middle of the school term.

Best wishes for the coming fortnight.

Paul Hansen


Reflection prayer for pentecost sunday

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Dates to Remember

Monday 1st June

WA Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 3rd June

Community Health Nurse screening Kindy children

Thursday 4th June

OT screening in Pre-Primary

Friday 5th June

OT screening in Pre-Primary

Monday 8th June

Community Health Nurse screening Kindy children

Wednesday 10th June

Community Health Nurse screening Kindy children

Wednesday 10th June

P&F Meeting

‘Online & Technology Safety’ with Mr La Roche

A common tool and online resource used by us all is Youtube. It can be tool for entertainment, instruction and even education. It is important that parents are aware of the risks and strategies they can put in place to protect their children from inappropriate content. I hope you find this fortnight’s guide of use.

P&F News

Dear Parents, as we tackle the challenges posed by work, family and life we are blessed and lucky to be part of the Our Lady of Fatima community. We have a unique opportunity to support one another and ensure the well-being of our parent body.

The P&F are still looking for anyone who would like to join a well-being P&F sub-committee to strategize and facilitate wellness initiatives in the community. As our lives slowly return to some form of normality, it is evident, now more than ever, that well-being is such an important element of our health. As parents, we are often putting others first and this sub-committee hope to come up with ways we can support ourselves and each other in the Our Lady of Fatima community. If you are interested, please reply to the attached flyer by contacting your child’s class rep.

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To Join simply click on the link below

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School Lunch orders every Monday and Thursday.

Click here for the School Lunch Online brochure . Please remember to update your child's class for 2020.
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