The Ear The Eye And The Arm

By Nancy Farmer


This book is set in Zimbabwe in the year 2194 , and the world is own by General Matsika's world and he gaurds it with his life away from demons , gondwannas and hoodlums of the outer world .The general has children Tendai the oldest certain to follow his fathers footsteps , Rita the young impetuous middle child , and Kuda the youngest and the lion-hearted warrior. The children's whole life has been dull everyday they spent on the families compound attending school and home again. Until they decide they need an adventure, so they trick their way out, and the excitement begins! The Children get chased by demons , enslaved by the queen of the gondwannas , and even kidnapped ,but at every turn they overcome obstacles and the evil plans of their tormentors with their wits and great courage.

Review From "Children Literature"

Set in the future in Zimbabwe, Tendai and her siblings are kidnapped off the streets of Harare. Hot on their trail are three unusual detectives each with a unique ability-hearing, sight, and insight. A fast paced, adventure with lots of suspense and plot twists to keep readers fully engrossed, this heroic myth based on the Shona culture is hard to put down. A Newbery Honor Book.

About The Author

Before becoming a writer, Nancy Farmer lived in Africa, and her work there included monitoring water weeds in Mozambique and helping to control tsetse flies in Zimbabwe. Since then, she has earned a host of prestigious awards for her writing, including three Newbery Honors for THE EAR, THE EYE AND THE ARM; A GIRL NAMED DISASTER; and THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION. She lives in Menlo Park, California, with her husband. Visit her online at


My Review

This book was a great read , it deffinately was a page turner. The action barely stopped and the events that occurred were unbelievable some that children today would only dream of experiencing .

-Yasmin A.