Chapter Reflections

By Alan Hobbs

Chapter three - Infancy and childhood

This is showing babies reflexes.
We learned the grasping and rooting reflex

Chapter 4 - Adolescence

This shows the identity development
Adolescents start to see the future as a reality and start finding their identity

Chapter 6 - Body

We learned about the brain, nervous system, and spinal cord.
What each of them do and they make the body

Chapter 7 - Consciousness

This shows our brain and consciousness resting
Sleeping, drugs , and consciousness
We learned the different altered state of consciousness

Chapter 8 - Sensation & Perception

Illusions teach us about how our sensation and perceptual system work

Chapter 9 - Learning

Ivan Pavlov experimented on dogs to show classical conditioning.
This helps animals and humans adapt to the enviroment

Chapter 10 - Memory

We learned the process and three stages of memory.
Such as encoding, storage, and retrieval
sensory, short and long term

Chapter 11 - Thinking

This is an example of thinking.
we use prototypes to see what we should do next

Chapter 14 - Personality

In this section we learned about personality
ID- unconscious part
ego- mediates conflicts between and among the demands of the id, the superego and the real world
superego- tells people what they should and should not do

Chapter 16 - Disorder

there was alot of psychological disorder
Anxiety, panic, and phobia etc

Chapter 17 - Therapy

There was different therapies for each problem and medications
behavior, nondirective, token economy
antidepressant and antianxiety drugs