How to Make a Diamond Kite

By:Brianna Trimm


The reason I chose to make a diamond kite because diamond kites are easy to make and it's the type of kite people normally when they think the word "kite", and their just really cool and pretty.

Why You Should Build a Kite

The reason to fly a kite in general is for several reasons; it's something you can do when you don't have anything else to do, it gives you an idea of how of how things work, and you can take pride in the fact that you made it.

Things You Need to Make a Kite

To make a kite you will need; tape, scissors, ribbon, a trash bag, markers,two wooden dowels, a yard stick, glitter, glue and string.

How to Make a Kite

First, you take a trash bag and cut the top part that closes it and down the sides. Next, take the two, two foot wooden dowels, make a cross and tie them together. After that, lay the cross on the trash bag and tape it to the trash bag. Take one of the makers and the yard stick and make lines that connects all the corners of the cross. It should be shaped like a diamond. Cut it out. Then, take the string and tie it to the left top corner of the kite, wrap it around the middle corner and wrap it around the right corner. Take the scissors and punch a hole just behind the place where the dowels meet. Next, making sure the string is so tight the kite bends slightly, wrap the string around the place where the dowels meet and pull it through the hole and tie it so the plastic is tied to the dowels. Finally, tape the ribbon to the bottom of the kite to make the tail and use the markers, glitter, and glue to make the designs on the front.