Obituary for the Sifrhippus

The Sifrhippus lived around 56 million years ago during the Paleogene Period Cenozic Era.
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The Sifrhippus Shrank Over Time

The sifrhippus was a miniature horse that lived about 50 million years ago. The 5.6 kilogram “horses” were about the size of a medium sized dog. Amazingly, over the course of 130,000 years, the horse slowly shrank to the size of a cat, to 3.9 kilograms, which was about 30% less than their initial size. Their size is usually calculated using their molars, and compared to their age at that time, scientists realized they were shrinking rapidly. Scientists hypothesise that the horse shrank due to global warming, or lack of food.
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Their way of LIfe

The Sifrhippus ate mostly leaves. Scientists found this out, once again because of their molars, which told them that. They lived in forests and had to constantly watch out for predators.


Obviously, the sifrhippus did not go extinct, they simply grew and grew and eventualy evolved into the bigger modern horse.

Where They Lived

The sifrhippus lived all over forests in North America, and most of their fossils were found in Wyoming (map below)
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