The Smore the Merrier

Hematite, Borax, and Amber

Hematite, the number one mineral around town.

Hematite is a very valuable mineral. There is many reasons you should buy it. The first reason is because it can be used in jewelry. It can be used as black reflective stones or as a ring itself. Hematite is a very valuable mineral. I am selling it for $1 per ounce while supplies last. So come and get it before we run out! We have the best quality mineral for the best price.

Borax, the second best mineral around town.

Borax is a multipurpose mineral. You can use it for a variety of different things. You can make a homemade cleaner when you mix it with other items. You can clean you're stains off of you're stainless steel sink with a borax and lemon juice. Another way to use it is by deodorizing your garbage can by filling it with borax and water. There is many more uses for Borax than what i have told you. We will be selling Borax powder for $2.25 an ounce and our Borax solution is $10 for a gallon bottle. No other seller sells Borax this cheap.

Amber, The third best mineral around this place

If you are into the making of jewelry Amber is the mineral for you. If you like to cut minerals this is a great mineral for you. You can buy it then, cut it and sell the mineral for a higher price because it is used as a valuable mineral. Amber is a beautiful stone that can be cut and polished. We will sell the mineral, Amber, for $9 an ounce. The most we will sell you is 5 lbs in one purchase. We have the best price out of any other seller.

Garnet, The birthstone of January

This page was created by Brendan Fischer and his birthstone is the Garnet. The Garnet is one of the birthstones for January. The garnet is also the zodiac sign for the constellation of Aquarius. It is also the day stone of Tuesday.