Kelvin Doe

By Rafael Dominguez

A voice to the people

I believe that through innovation, we can build our nation Sierra Leone

Early life

Kelvin was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1996 as the youngest of five children. He grew up along side his mother and his brother and sisters. Since the age of ten, Kelvin has always wanted to help his community so he would go collect metal scraps and electronics and out of it he made a battery.

Aspects of life

His passion: Activism

To inspire young people

From a young age kelvin has taught him self how to be an engineer. He made a generator and radio for his school out of recycled materials. He fights to inspire the people of his home town to never give up and to strive for a better future for the better pf their home town. He is the youngest visiting practitioner of the world maker faire


Kelvin is a good example of a hero because he displays (courage and strength). Even though he was born uneducated and poor he was able to learn how to engineer and used that strength to help his home country.


Kelvin Doe|Biography-Sierra leone activist

A young boy from Sierra leone who speaks out to the people of his country to work for the better of their country