Coral Reefs

Aruba Palm Pleasure Snorkel Adventure

-Oranjestad, Aruba

-ride on a catamaran making stops at the Antilla Shipwreck, Boca Catalina, and Arish reefs.

-Fringing reefs including the coral encrusted shipwreck

-Species of fish to be seen: Queen Angelfish, Stoplight Parrotfish, Rock Beauty

-4 hour ride with lunch, open bar, and snorkel gear included

-$89.99 per person

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Atlantis Submarine Expedition

-Oranjestad, Aruba

-Spacious, air-conditioned, passenger submarine

-View Barcadera Reefs with two shipwrecks

-Fun for all ages

-$105.00 per person

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Beach Jeep Adventure

-Baby Beach

-Different landmarks seen: Arikok National Park where you'll see Seroe Colorado National Bridge with views of the Caribbean Sea, Baby Beach which offers restaurants and snorkeling)

-Includes drinks and snacks, snorkel equipment, lunch, and hotel transportation

-$110.99 per person

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-Spirit Airlines: $199.00

-American Airlines: $316.00

-Delta: $367.00

(price varies on departing location and date)


-Amanyara Resort: 5 stars, around $1000.00 per night (depending on type of room)

-Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino: 4.5 stars, around $400.00 per night (depending on type of room)

-Aruba Marriot Resort and Stellaris Casino: 4 stars, around $300.00-$400.00 per night (depending on type of room)


-Yemanja Woodfure Grill: 4.9 stars, $15-$35

-Barefoot restaurant: 4.6 stars, $20-$40

-The West Deck: 4.5 stars, $3-$13

-Gelatissimo: 4.5 stars, $3-$15, dessert


-Exercise normal precautions

*your trip advisor is not responsible for anything stolen, any injuries, health concerns, or any problems encountered while engaging in these activities at your desired location*

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