Noun: Courageous behavior or character

Comparing and Contrasting 2 service members of the Armed Forces

In an article found on Fox News, Kyle White receives the medal of honor. He received this award for helping two wounded soldiers while he was injured, also while calling airstrikes in on the enemy position. Another article found on the USCG website is about petty officer Karen Voorhees. She is the first female officer that was promoted to Chief. She was promoted for her act of bravery after her ship of 34 crew members capsized. These two articles are both on people in the Armed Forces. The only difference is they are in two different branches of the Armed Forces. One is a man and one is a female. No matter the difference between them, they both have showed mass amounts of bravery.
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Sequence in the movie "Guardians Of the Galaxy"

In the movie Guardians Of the Galaxy directed by James Gunn, it shows many scenes of bravery. If you haven't seen the movie, it consists of a talking raccoon named Rocket, a killer named Drax, a tree named Groot, a killer named Gamora and of course the main character Starlord. In the movie there is an orb that holds a very powerful orb that everyone wants. But Starlord beats everyone. Not longer after, Thorin,an evil ruler sends his assistant Gamora to go retrieve it. Thorin wants the stone to destroy other planets. Following that, Thorin's other assistance kills Gamora she breaks out of her ship and starts to lose oxygen. Star Lord has a mask that gives oxygen to him when he needs it, he decides to put it on Gamora to save her life. Finally, Star Lord gets saved by his dad in his ship. In the end Throin ends up getting the orb. But not long after, the Guardians Of The Galaxy (Groot, Rocket, Gamora, Starlord and Drax), stop him.

Showing bravery through comedy.

Even though you have a problem you can always find a solution. Even though the weirdest ways, like comedy! When Drew Lynch was 20 he was playing in a softball game he was hit by the ball in the throat, therefore causing some vocal trauma. His normal speech turned into stuttering. Before that he was studying film and wanted to become an actor. He thought he couldn't anymore do to his major stuttering. Instead he turned to comedy, which can be even harder to do with stuttering. Through a little practice he ended being a comedian. He has so much bravery to get up on stage and tell jokes. He recently premiered on NBC’S hit tv show “America's Got Talent”. That takes tons of bravery to get in front of thousands of people. Even though you have a problem, you can find a solution through bravery.

Drew Lynch: Stuttering Comedian Wins Crowd Over - America's Got Talent 2015

A cause to help those on the street. An effect that changes lives

Jim Withers has a cause to help those on the street, emotionally and physically. Through his actions he has effected and touched many lives of those homeless. Jim started a program called "Street Medicine", helping the homeless with there health needs. The reason why Jim did this is because he thought that homeless people should deserve the same medical treatment as people like us with good medical care. Through this he has touched many homeless peoples lives. The effects of his actions are significant because he is saving peoples lives. This shows lots of bravery because he walks around at night with his medical squad, and he never knows if he will be mugged or attacked. Also when he opens peoples tents, he doesn't know if they are trying to hurt him. Also it takes a lot of guts to talk to people you don't know.

Summing up bravery, with running! (Description)

Bravery has many characteristics. One characteristic is Compassion, Another is confidence, commitment, confidence. One person who has all that is Kayla Montgomery. In 2009 she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). This condition stops all her feeling in her legs. At that time she was a runner, it was her life to her. Until she was diagnosed with MS. She still didn't give up even after she was diagnosed with something like that. Her coach Patrick Cromwell was always there to catch her after she ran at her competitions. These condition didn't stop her from pursuing her dream of a runner. She has a tremendous amount of bravery in order to do this. You never know what other people will think of you, therefore you must have the bravery inside you to go on.
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