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A book group for students as well as parents, teachers, and administrators to read and think about an inspiring tale of four undocumented students and their difficult quest for the American Dream. (Click for a complete book review).

WE provide the books, the questions, documentary film & guide (for teachers), and guest appearances from the inspiring teens and teachers in this book.

YOU provide your thoughts and questions.

"Meets" on Thursdays from July 9th-30th

How It Works:
  • Each week, we'll post a few questions to our "invitation-only" book group on related to the week's reading (about 55 pages per week) designed to spark multiple responses and conversation.

  • Participants are encouraged to respond to the questions and to ask additional questions as you would in a typical book club. All posts must be received by noon on Thursdays, when will ask the next set of questions. The group will "meet" for discussion four times.

  • As we're reading, we will schedule additional opportunities for you to virtually meet the teens and their teachers through live video streaming where you can email or tweet your questions and they can respond in real-time!

Guaranteed to be relaxing, fun, and thought-provoking!

What's in it for you?

  • FREE BOOKS! Read about the true story of four undocumented teens who build a ragtag robot named "Stinky" and compete in a national robotics championship against all odds in pursuit of their American dreams.
  • Discuss questions with students from DC, NC, and NY in a safe discussion space on (Note: this is a "invitation-only," private discussion group. Inflammatory comments will be removed promptly).
  • Participate in video interviews where YOU get to ask the teens and their teachers your burning questions.
  • Learn about current immigration law and policy and about how it affects individuals, their families, and communities.
  • Teachers receive a FREE copy of the documentary film Underwater Dreams and an educator's guide. Some schools qualify.

We are the American Immigration Council Education Team

We are two former teachers in a non profit, non-partisan organization that strives to promote a better understanding of immigrants and immigration by providing educational resources that inspire thoughtful dialogue, creative teaching and critical thinking. Dedicated to the American values of fairness, social justice and respect for all people, the Council is committed to making immigration an “everybody issue.” The Council also highlights the positive contributions immigrants have made and continue to make to American society through its programmatic work. See our website for lessons plans, resources, and teacher grants and read our blog at Email us to join our educator list for more free resources!
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This group is open to a select number of schools and participants. We hope to expand next year! If you are a student, we will also send you a parental release form to be returned to us before participation.