3 for Thursday

April 30, 2015

1. Collaborative Lesson Planning

Hopefully by now many of you have had an opportunity to join the FCS Google Course in itslearning and explore some of the resources there. The resources and opportunities available to you through your new Forsyth County Google account are plentiful, but may leave those of you who are new to Google (other than the search engine) feeling a little "lost". Next year, we will explore a number of instructional uses in Google Drive, but for now I'd like to encourage you to start thinking about how these tools can help you streamline and improve current teacher and grade level practices. Google Docs can be an amazing tool to help you with your collaborative lesson planning. Because multiple people can work on a single Google Doc at the same time, and work is saved automatically, lesson plans can be completed from almost anywhere-and no waiting for your colleagues to finish before you start adding your contributions. I invite you to "play" with this concept for these last few weeks of school (TKES evals are over!!) There are numerous lesson plan templates already available online which can be downloaded to your own Google Drive, tweaked, and shared with team members and support staff. Here's a basic template and a colorful elementary template, or you may just want to explore!

2. Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Explore the story A Chair for My Mother with this extension printable, which includes activities in science, language arts, math, and social studies. Mom will treasure gifts and cards made by little hands for years to come. These crafts are simple and easy to do in the classroom and many incorporate writing. You'll also find an abundance of Mother's Day lesson plans and ideas at Hot Chalk. As always, Pinterest is a great resource for finding ways to celebrate holidays!

3. Keys to PBL

Check out Edutopia's Keys to PBL series. Each 2-3 minute video addresses a critical element of Project Based Learning including establishing real-world connections, planning rigorous standards-focused projects, incorporating the 4 Cs, the teacher's role as facilitator, and integration of assessment. You can also visit their Core Strategy page to learn more about this dynamic and engaging approach to instruction.


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