Come visit Seychelles

Seychelles is the most developed country in Africa!

The national anthem of Seychelles, or Koste Seselwa.

Seychelles, our only motherland

Where we live in harmony

Happiness, love and peace

We give thanks to God.

Preserve the beauty of our country

The riches of our oceans

A precious heritage

For the happiness of our children.

Live forever in unity

Raise our flag

Together for all eternity

Join together all Seychellois

Where exactly is Seychelles?

Seychelles is a collection of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa.

Well who is the leader?

Seychelles is run by James Alix Michel. He has been president of the democratic country since 2004.

Five interesting facts about Seychelles.

  • Pirates used to seek the islands of Seychelles as a hideout.
  • Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, is the smallest capital in the entire world.
  • Around half of the country's land is dedicated to national parks and reserves.
  • It is home to Esmerelda, the heaviest land turtle in the world.
  • It was completely isolated until its first settles arrived in the later 18th century.

76% of the country is Roman Catholic, with the runner up religion being Anglican at just 6.1% of the country.

The history of Seychelles.

In 1502, Portugal's Vasco da Gama explores the country. It isn't until 1768, where french planters and their slaves being settling. In 1794, Britain annexes Seychelles. For nearly 100 years, in 1903, Seychelles finally becomes a separate British colony. In 1948, the first elections to a legislative council take place. In 1964, the first political parties are formed. In 1976, Seychelles becomes independent and are governed by a coalition with James Mancham as president, and France Rene as Prime Minister. In 1977, Rene supporters stage a coup against Mancham, without Rene's knowledge and he becomes president. Then in April of 2004, Rene steps down and is replaced by the former vice president, James Michel, where he is still the president today.

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