Ms. Kankel's General Procedures

for subsitutes


*Take attendance every block, and turn in attendance rosters to the office. 3rd period attendance is VITAL. Attendance rosters are in the SUB FOLDER (it's pink).

*Please mark who is absent on my Friday Folder Record sheet.


*Any talking, disruptive behavior, or the like, give the student(s) a mark on the Friday Folder Record Sheet. It's on the pink clipboard.

*If problems continue, see a team member (Acker, Danesi, or Zwahr).

*If the above does not work, call Mrs. Gold (ext. 3066)

**Please leave me a note concerning what each class did and their behavior individually and as a whole.

***The "SNACKS" signs in each color group are posted on the chalk board. Using the vis-a-vis marker, cross out a letter each time the class gets too rowdy or they misbehave. I have already explained this to the class.


*If students need to go to the restroom, please initial the Restroom Record file folder. Students are responsible for taking it to and from each class.

*Lunch is at 11:10 - 11:40.

*At 11:40, please make sure that you are standing outside my classroom door. Students should be walking in quietly with their hands in pocket or their arms folded.


*First, ask my team members (Acker, Danesi, and Zwahr)

*Technology on campus: Troy Kuhn (ext. 3119) and Wanda Kramer (ext.3067 )


* My conference period is 4th period. 10:23-11:08.

*Please remind the GREEN group to take their lunch, ID card, and any lunch money. P.E., Art, and Music will take the students to lunch. They will NOT come back to you until after lunch.


At 3:20 have my RED Group start packing up. Students will put their headphones in the red bin. Students will need to plug in the chromebooks in the chrome cart. Please have Angel check to make sure all the chromebooks are plugged in and lock the cart. The key is in the Sub Folder. If Angel is not here, have Alexis do his job.

There are dismissal announcements:

3:24 - call for Boys and Girls Club to go to the cafeteria and for certain buses to go to the bus ramp.

3:26 - call for Car Riders. Line them up with Mrs. Zwahr and she will take them out to the car line. Bring students that are left in the classroom to sit against the wall. Watch Mrs. Zwarh's students as well.

3:28 - call for other buses to find their seats in the 300 hall. Let the students sitting in the hall go to find where their bus is sitting.

You are DONE! Thank you so much!! :)