Civil War

By: Brittany Cook

Background Information

Who- Northern States (Anti-Slavery) Vs. Southern States (Slavery).

What- War based on slavery.

When- 1861 to 1865

Where- Charleston, South Carolina

Why- North wanted to abolish slavery but the South did not.

Medias portrayal of the Civil War

There were many stances that people in the media took on the Civil War. Most of the media always took either the Union side or the Confederate side. They slanted there articles to favor the Northern or Southern states.

Biases found in Civil War publishing

The type of bias seen through-out the stories and in news paper articles that i have read would be source by selection. Most of the articles only gave one side of the situation and not the others. For example, the news paper articles would talk about how the North was doing and how badly the Southern were doing.

Criticisms of the Civil War

The type of criticism i noticed while researching the Civil War was Cultural criticism. It is Cultural criticism because the Northern states believed that slavery was wrong and the Southern states believed that they had the right to own slaves and there publishing were related to that.

My Perspective of the Civil War

From my perspective of the Civil War is that the Union was correct and that slavery is wrong. This would be bias because i'm just giving my own opinion of the Civil War and not taking into consideration of the other sides stance on the subject. There are always two sides to an argument and each side should be clearly heard or stated so not to be bias anyone.

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