Forensic Science

Amiah Morton---Ms. Billings /7th Block--- Feb. 3

Physical Evidence can not be intimidated. It does not forget. It sits there and waits to be detected, persevered,evaluated, and explained.

- Robert Macdownell

What CSI Do!

The main thing Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) do is search for evidence. Evidence is clues that most likely the person who's guilty either left behind r forgot about..They look for anything that has connection with the situation. The key evidence investigators look for is blood, fingerprints, and hair.

How to become a CSI

To become a CSI you should without a doubt get a high school diploma. It takes 2 years to get a associates degree and it takes 4 years to get a bachelor's degree. It only takes one of these to get a job as a CSI. Getting a bachelor's and a masters will increase your chances dramatically.(Stille). The quickest route would be to learn a specific skill related to forensic evidence such as fingerprint analysis, ballistics, or photography. (Valentine)

Fun Facts