5 Themes of Austin

By: Leah Newberg


The absolute location of Austin is 30.25N;97.75W

The Relative location of Austinis 30 minutes from the suburb of Lakeway and near Houston.


Some things that are in Austin are Lake LBJ, Lake Austin, and Lake Travis. The climate is very hot and sometimes very humid, definetly not as humid as Houston though! Some natural resources are water, grassland, and aquifers.

Some big religions around Austin would be Christianity, Jewish, Muslim, and Mormon. Austin is more of a democratic city.

Human Environment- Interaction

Effect of humans on the Earth are that nearly everyone has air conditioners, people use lots of energy, ands most people own a phone if you are 12 and up, some even younger. Austin gets very hot and can get pretty cold but honestly it's hot all year round. Austin doesn't get too much rain, fact we are in a drought and have been for quite some time. We have some great parks and swimming areas for you to relax though.


Austin Texas is the music capital of the world therefore people who enjoy listening to good music and love concerts are moving to Austin. Some things that attract people would be ACL, South By SouthWest, and the 360 Ampitheatre.


The regions of Austin are the Piney Woods, Big Bend Country, Hill Country, the Panhandle Plains, Prairies and Lakes, South Texas Plains, and Gulf Coast, Austin just so happens to be part of the Hill Country!