History of Education


Main points about American Education

  • Because of world war 2 men had to go overseas to fight the war, this left women to fill in classrooms, factories and etc.

  • While soldiers were overseas america had changed a lot

  • gI bill allowed soldiers to go to college or obtain a new skill

  • A baby boom resulted in a need for more schools

Keeping America competitive with the Soviet Union

  • The soviet union launched its own first satellite sputnik in 1957

  • U.S feared that the soviet union emphasis on math and science in their schools were giving math technological advantage, giving military advantage later on.

  • 1958 the national defense education act passed through congress made funds available for the improvement of science equipment, encouraged schools to strengthen math and science and foreign language skills.

Behaviorism involved:

  • Some schools used tactics to delay this from happening.

Brown v. Board of Education involved:

  • In 1950s many schools in america were still racially segregated based on “separate but not equal” policies.

  • African American schools were not equal in funding material was so outdated and inferior.

  • School buildings in poor conditions.

  • In 1954 , the supreme court heard the class of Brown v. Board of education of topeka kansas.

  • The court ruled that racial segregation was a violation of the constitution.