U.S. Senate

Arielle Johnston



- 30 years


- must be a legal U.S. citizen for 9 years

- must live in state you are representing

Term of Office

Number Of Years

- 6 years

Staggered Elections:

- held in november, even-numbered years

Salary & Benefits


- Congress voted itself peropdoc salary increases

- money paid for speeches is prohibated

- 27th amendment prohibits sitting Congress from giving itself a pay raise

- Congressional salary increase takes effect after an intervening election(unless it is blocked)

- $174,000 a year


- postal money is given for official business (called franking privilige)

- have their own medical clinic & gymnasium

- recieve large allowances to pay for:

*office staff & assistants

*trips home



- entitled to income tax deduction (helps pay for two residencys, represented state home & D.C. home)

- eligible for pensions that average $41,000-$55,000 a year for life

some pensions can reach up to $90,000


- free from arrest in all cases when attending, going to, or leaving Congress

(with the exceptions of treason, felony, & breach of peace.)

- cannot be sued for anything they say on the House or Senate floor

(does not extend to what members say outside of Congress)

Power of exclusion

- the Senate & House may judge qualifications of members and decide whether to seat them

- can refuse to seat member by majority vote

Expulsion & Punishments

*Also can punish and expel a legislator by 2/3 vote

*Only serious offences are grounds for expulsion; treason, accepting bribes.

*Members guilty of lesser offences may be censured

Censure - a vote of formal disapproval of a member's actions