Radical Rip Cord ;)

Motion of the Rip Cord ;p

pendulum motion- the Rip Cord swings in a U motion, this motion in convenient for the ride because it uses the riders weight and momentum to function.

Acceleration B)

The acceleration decreases through out the ride when you loose your momentum of the swinging motion.
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Forces than Affect the Ride and Rider ;B

Gravity- gravity affects the rider by pulling them down towards the earth so they can get the momentum to make that pendulum motion. Gravity also affects the ride because of the gravitational pull keeping in on the ground.

Air resistance- the rider will be affected by this force because of the wind pushing back on them as they shoot towards the ground.

Balanced- the force of the ride pulling against the gravity is equal so it doesn't collapse.

Newtons First Law xD

The ride stays at rest until they pull the pin then they are released to start moving. Then gravity (the apposing force) over throws the momentum causing the riders movements to slow to a stop.