Schooled By: Gorden Korman

Kate Mayer Block:4


Capricorn Anderson: Cap is an epitome of a hippie. He has long locks of hair,and only wears tie-dye T-shirts. He is so selfless and will do anything to make someone happy. He does a lot of tai chi to sooth him. If I were to label Cap, he is the protagonist in the story.

Sophie Donnelly: Sophie is a supporting character. She is a teenager and is very harsh to Cap. She poured water on Cap's head while he was doing tai chi! She doesn't like cap until the very end. Although she is very pretty, she is only OK with " normal people."

Zach Powers: Zach is the antagonist in the story. He doesn't like Cap at all in the story, just because Cap was more popular than him. Zach is really selfish and will do anything for him to be #1. All the girls thought he was the cutest guy in school. All until he became the bully.


The theme in this book was to be yourself. Cap made a lot of friends by just being him. When he was wearing tie-dye T-shirts EVERYONE wore them and joined his tie-dye club. When Cap got hurt by the football players and everyone thought he was dead, instead of the halloween dance everyone dressed like Cap, holding candles, and saying speeches all about Cap. Everyone liked Cap for who he was.


I think the symbol was the tie-dye in everything. It represented the peace and love Cap was giving. No matter what, Cap always gave grace and treated others greater than himself. And when others joined him, they would be wearing tie-dye with him. (metaphorically speaking)
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I would TOTALLY recommend this book because it was SO exciting! I wanted to read this book 24/7. Schooled was leaving me at, " what will happen next?" I keep wondering how does he do it? He is always calm, wears the same outfit everyday,and he doesn't let anyone get to him. This book really inspired me to just be who I am. I have tried to keep my cool, and try to think positive.



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