T.E.S. (Thermal Energy Saver)

by Ani Kumbum, Julian Gonzales, Will Kimball, Charles Weber

What does the T.E.S. do?

Over 50% of energy from home heating systems is wasted every year. The T.E.S. converts this heat to energy that can be used for appliances, lighting and home needs.

How does the T.E.S work to produce and save energy?

1.The T.E.S sucks up wasted heat

2. The heat is stored in a tight place and exposed to water

3. The water turns to steam

4. The steam turns a turbine , which powers a generator

5. The electricity from the generator can be used

Why buy a T.E.S?

50% of energy being wasted is from air conditioning and heating. The T.E.S. saves this energy and produces it too. It would also be less expensive than solar panels and wouldn't release any harmful chemical substances if damaged. It can also make back your money.

Pros and Cons


-saves and produces energy

-environmentally safe


- expensive

- hard and complicated installation

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