The Effects Of Electricity

By: Ronik

How Does Electricity Effect Us?

Electricity, as we know it, is used in everyday life! From the simplest things, like powering out T.V., to creating magical inventions that will make you famous! Electricity also effects our nature, world and human body with short-term and long-term effects. Today, I will be explaining these effects and telling you about how they impact with our environment and bodies.

What Is Electricity?

Electricity, if you didn't know already, is the flow of electrons in a closed (or open, in which it will not work) path called a circuit. Electricity is probably our most trusted source of energy (or power) where it can be afforded (which it usually can).

The Main Effects!

How It Can Be Generated

Hydro, Thermal, Wind, Solar...

Electricity doesn't just appear out of thin air, it is generated in many different ways! Here are some of the ways!

1. Hydro: Basically what I mentioned earlier,water flowing in rapid currents and clashing together creating sparks that create the electricity. Usually requires generator and those round, spinny-wheel-water-transmitter-thingies (forgot what they are called xD).

2. Thermal: A naturally or man-created energy source. It is created by atoms and molecules bouncing around each other creating heat or thermal energy. This is present in all matter and is probably the easiest way to create electricity and energy.

3. Wind: Have you ever seen those giant windmills while driving on a highway? Have you ever wondered why they are there? Well, I'm here to explain why! Wind powers these windmills to spin rapidly and inside and/or underground, there is a transfer of energy and electricity to homes and other buildings!

4. Solar: The sun is a beautiful, and helpful, object. It creates a source of electricity and energy with an object (that is solar powered) and sends waves of atoms and molecules which is turned into thermal energy or creates heat to power it. Basically, it uses the same method to generate electricity as thermal energy does.



Thank You for reading to my presentation about electricity =3.

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