Short Story Unit

Emmalee Morales

A Pair of Silk Stockings

- Summary: A women named Mrs. Sommers found $15. She went out to buy her children clothes and things they needed. While she was looking for deals on the clothes she found some silk stockings. After that she found herself some gloves, boots, and some lunch. Then she wanted to go see a movie. After all those things had come to a finish, Mrs. Sommers felt terrible because she had spent all the money on herself. She got into a cable car to go home and wished it would go on forever instead.

- Characters: Mrs. Sommers, the children, the women in the movie theater, and the man in the cable car.

- Vocabulary:

Consternation- a shocked or worried feeling.

Fastidious- caring a lot about small details and wanting everything to be correct and neat. Percale- a closely woven, plain fabric often used for bed covers.

Veritable- real; used to emphasize what you are saying.

- Literary Devices:

Characterization- It describes how Mrs. Sommers was little, and fastidious.

Conflict: She was having a man to self conflict. She wanted to do what is best for her children, but she also wanted to do things for herself.

Theme: Caring for yourself for once.

- To Remember "A Pair of Silk Stockings": Looking at the title, you already know there are going to be silk stockings in the story, then think of a poor women wanting to treat herself.

The Luck of the Roaring Camp

- Summary: The only women who was in the camp, Cherokee Sal, was pregnant. Shortly after having the baby she died. The men in the camp decided to keep the baby and brought him gifts to help raise him. They named the baby Luck because after he was born good things started to happen. There was a giant snowstorm that ended up flooding their camp and Luck died.

- Characters: Cherokee Sal, Stumpy, Kentuck, Luck, Tipton.

- Vocabulary:

Martyrdom: Death or suffering of a martyr

Expiation: making amends for guilt or wrongdoing.

ab initio: from the beginning

Affrefate: a whole formed by combining several

ex officio: by virtue of one's personal status

- Literary Devices:

Theme: Parenthood transforms people, and The Good of all People

Conflict: Man vs. Man; They don't know whether to keep the baby. They end up keeping him and raising him as best they can.

- To Remember "The Luck of the Roaring Camp": Think of Luck and how good things started coming when he was born.

A Good Man is Hard to Find

- Summary: A family wants to go on vacation in Florida. But the grandmother wants to go to Tennessee because a prisoner had escaped in Florida. They ended up leaving to go to Tennessee instead. While they were traveling the grandmother remembered a house that she wanted to visit, and had the kids beg their parents to take them to see it. On their way down the road to the house, the grandmother remembered that the house wasn't in Tennessee and freaked out, which let the cat that she snuck on the ride out. The cat caused them to get into an accident where their car flipped. A car pulls up and looks at their car, it ends up being the escaped prisoner "The Misfit". He has his friends kill all the family members while the grandmother begs for her life. In the end the grandmother and all the other family members are killed.

- Characters: Bailey, The mom, The grandmother, June Star, John Wesley, Red Sammy Butts, Red Sammy's Wife, the Misfit, Hiram, Pitty Sing

- Vocabulary:

Flogged: beat with a whip or stick as punishment or torture.

Nickelodeon: a jukebox; operated by a nickel

Organdy: a fine translucent cotton or silk fabric that is usually stiffened for women's clothing

Pickaninny: (offensive) a small black child

Stucco: fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural designs.

- Literary Devices:

Realism: Most families go on vacation, and a lot of people get into car wrecks. Those are real events that happen everyday.

Protagonist: The grandmother because she is the main character

Antagonist: The Misfit because he is against the grandmother and he is killing the people.

Theme: Good Vs. Evil, Family

To Remember "A Good Man is Hard to Find": think about how they got into a car wreck and the misfit started to help them, but ended up killing them instead.

A Rose for Emily

-Summary: Emily was a slightly older some in a town. Her father died and she became distant and didn't like being around people.The people would try to help her but she refused to accept it. She didn't den pay the taxes that were required of her. The story continues and she ends up buying poison to kill a man she liked. After she died they found out she killed him and found the body in her upstairs room.

- Characters: Emily, Homer Barron, Tobe, and the people in the town

- Vocabulary:

Cupolas: a small dome

Coquettish: flirtatious

Haughty: having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those ones views as unworthy

Virulent: extremely poisonous

- Literary Devices:

Theme: Isolation

Conflict: Man vs. Self and Man vs. Man

Realism: She is resisting modernism by staying in her house

Protagonist: Emily

Antagonist: The town

- To Remember "A Rose for Emily": Think of a girl who was shut in, dies, and then a death is found out.

To Build a Fire

- Summary: A man is journeying to find his friends with his dog. He ignores a mans advice about bringing a friend with him if the temperature is any colder than 50 below zero. It is 75 degrees below zero and he is traveling by himself. He falls in a whole and gets wet and then tries to build a fire to warm himself up and dry off. He fails on multiple tries to build a fire. He thinks about killing his dog, but decides against it. After his failed attempts at building the fires he decides to run so that he can build up body heat and keep his body moving. He falls down and ends up dying. The dog runs to the camp where the mans friends were and lives.

- Characters: the man, the dog, the man from Sulfur Creek

- Vocabulary:

Bough: a main branch of a tree

Cheechako: tenderfoot

Conflagration: a war or conflict; a large fire that destroys a lot

Hoss: a southern colloquial nickname for partner; a term of friendship.

Undulations: a rising and falling in waves

- Literary Devices:

Theme: Take others advice; Isolationism

Conflict: Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Self

- To Remember "To Build a Fire": Think about a man being stranded and trying to kill his dog, but the man ends up dying.