Field Research at a Fraction of the Cost Webinar

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 at 2pm EST / 1pm CST / 11:00 am PST

Case Studies

During this session we will share case studies on how clients are using Gigwalk to:

  • Carry out in-store price checks
  • Research competitors
  • Confirm inventory availability
  • Assess shelf presentations, end caps and aisle placement
  • Conduct consumer surveys

Meet Bob

Join Bob Bahramipour, VP of Business Development, to discuss how brands, retailers and market researchers are using smart-phone enabled distributed workforces to capture critical product intelligence.

Cost Effective Pricing

Custom solutions developed to meet your specific needs allow business owners to manage costs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Feet on the Street

Because our workforce is smartphone enabled, we are able to offer a wide-range of “secret shopping” services such as in-store photos, quantitative and qualitative data collection, audio & video content capturing, survey completion and retail audits on an ongoing, real time basis and at a fraction of the cost of traditional means.

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Thursday December 1st

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Tuesday December 6th

9:00 AM EST

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About Gigwalk

Gigwalk has developed the leading field research solution to allow brands to easily gather insights and intelligence on product pricing, competitors, consumer attitudes, inventory, shelf-presentation and much more. We do this by mobilizing a 100,000+ national workforce of talented individuals who conduct in-person field research through their smartphones at a cost-effective price.