State of the Summitt Library

by Denise G. Richey

What's new?!!

Welcome to Summitt Elementary for what is sure to be another exciting school year! By now all the students have come to the library to check out books and learn what's new this year.


Students in grades pre-kinder through 3rd grades will visit the library for 30 minutes each week. We will share stories, songs, fingerplays, puppetry, and more. Students in good standing (no overdues) are allowed to check out a new book each week.

Students in grades 4 and 5 will come to the library as needed--for quick check-out or for library lessons on demand.

As always, parents and guardians are welcome to utilize our library as well to supplement the home library collection.

See our library schedule here:

Reading Incentives:

4th grade is working on a reading program called the Tower of Books Challenge. Students are encouraged to participate by selecting a reading goal and a focus list. This program is designed to get students reading a variety of genres and authors.

5th grade is working on a reading program called Going for the Gold. Students are encouraged to read award-winning literature such as Newbery's, Caldecotts', and Bluebonnet nominees. To find out more about either of these programs, please ask your language arts teacher or stop by the library.

Library Support Staff:

Thanks to PTA's generosity, Summitt now has a support staff member for 6 hours each week. Please welcome Laura Froelich! Laura has volunteered at Summitt and Murchison for many years. Years of field experience have made her something of a collection management specialist. Her skills behind the scenes will allow me to dedicate more time to library programming and GT services.

Library Stats for the Month of September

Number of Check-Outs

  • Student: 1689 items
  • Teachers: 355 items
  • Parents: 29 items

Number of Classes and Lessons Taught

  • 186 total visits with PK-3rd grades
  • 36 visits and quick check-outs with 4th and 5th
  • 26 different stories read

Lesson Topics:

Library Orientation

Library Rules/ Expectations

Book Care

Book Check-Out/Return

Going for the Gold

Tower of Books

3 Ways to Read

Reading Interests

Number of Volunteers

Evette Alvardo, Mondays and Fridays for 2 - 4 hours a week, Shelving Savant

James Walters, as needed, Fish Tank Whisperer

Charlie Sutherland and Family, as desired, Guinea Pig Guardians

Kate Carlson, Thursday for 1- 2 hours, Jack-of -All Trades

Other Happenings in the Library

2 PTA meetings

5 Faculty Meetings

2 Homeroom Parent Meetings

2 Vietnamese Dual-Langauge Meetings

1 CAC Meeting

1 BooHoo WhooHoo Breakfast

3 Chess Club Meetings

1 week with the Space Dome