Works Project Administration

Yasu, Sara, Yuichiro, Hana and Marika


The WPA was a project which started in May 6th 1933 by president Franklin D Roosevelt. The WPA was implemented to provide jobs for unskilled people who lost their jobs due to the Great Depression. The WPA focused on public works such as construction of roads, bridges, public buildings and airports. Jobs that the WPA created was not just constructing jobs but supported arts as well. There were also other jobs that employed mostly women such as textiles at sewing factories. However, only 13.5% of the WPA employed workers were women, and this suggest the gender inequality at that time. The WPA saved approximately 3 million unemployed people.

OMaM Works Project Administration

Saturday, Nov. 15th, 9:30am

Cafeteria of International School of Asia, Karuizawa

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The 32nd president of the United States of America. Created the Works Project Administration to save America`s crashing economy. Played by Yasunori Lin Tsumura.

George Marcus

An American man who lost his job due to the Great Depression. He was employed for constructing Dock Street Theater in Charleston, South Carolina through the WPA. He is extremely talented at singing opera, thus he was personally hired by Roosevelt to sing professionally at a theater. He is friends with William Baker and Helen Brant. Played by Yuichiro Kanaoka.

Helen Brant

An American woman who has to support her family due to her husband being crippled. She became desperate for a job especially after the Great Depression had begun. However, she was unable to get a job because of the gender inequality of the 1930s. Later on, she gets employed at a sewing factory when Roosevelt showed her sympathy of her predicament. She is friends with George Marcus and William Baker. Played by Sara Margarita Lamk Saavedra.

William baker

An African American man who lost his job due to the Great Depression. He was employed to build the same theatre as George with the help of the WPA. Despite the racism in the 1930s, he was still able to get a job because of the workforce that was needed at that time. He is friends with George Baker and Helen Brant. Played by Thanaisri "Hana" Ellamaran


Voiced by Marika Tamura. Energetic, adorable and will warm your heart.