Who Makes The Best Floor Jack

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By using a right floor jack, you can work on your car with less frustration and also keep you safe while you under thousands pounds of car. The main purpose of a floor jack might be exactly the same, however with different brand, model or design you can definitely see the different when it comes to performance and safety. It might seem a difficult task of choosing the right floor jack, but when you know what is your needs and with our little help, you can surely making the wise purchase decision.

The main purpose of a floor jack is clear, first we need it to lift our car very stability. Secondly once we lift our car, we need the jack to hold the car securely without slipping. In our experience a 3 ton floor jack is normally able to achieve these two needs quite successfully, however you should always choose one with a quality brand for more insurance.

There are also other factor that you also need to think about while shopping for a right floor jack. Firstly you need to know how much weight you need the floor jack to lift, for safety reason, this is the first thing you need to keep in mind. Nevertheless, you should also know when you need to get under your car, you will only need to lift one corner of your car which also mean the full weight of your car will never be placed on your floor jack.

Secondly, how portable you need?Usually a floor jack either made from steel or aluminum, sometime both. An aluminum floor jack is much less in weight which make it more portable compare to a steel model. On the other side, a steel floor jack is more stability and strong. That is why most floor jack use both of these materials to make a good floor jack with aluminum body and steel life arm which give you both portability and stability.

Thirdly, there are other factor you need to consider, for example, you should choose a low-profile floor jack if your car has lower ground clearance, especially a sports car. Price budget will be another factor, however do not purchase a poor quality floor jack because it is much cheaper, since in the long term you might be end up spending more money to replacing the faulty one and not to mention using a poor floor jack to hold your car whiling you are under the car to do some repairs might be too dangerous.

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