Digital Citizenship

Laurie Vang

Self-Image & Identity

Digital Citizenship - Navigating the digital world safety, responsibly, and ethically.

Online Ethics - As it relates to the internet and digital devices.

The role our media has in a highschoolers everyday life is important. Everyone uses their phones, computers, and tablets everyday for a lot of things. With our computers, we use them for homework and research. With our phones we can do the same things. Only we usually don't use them for homework, but we use them for like as a calculator in math, or our tablets for a book.

Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short)

Digital Footprint & Reputation

Digital Footprint - All of the information about a person that can be found online

Consequence - a result or effect of an action or condition.

If you post a inappropriate picture on line it end up going all around the world. People you don't even know might end up seeing it, you could start getting messages from people asking for things, or even people around school talking about it. Even posting a horrible comment on someone's picture or status, could end up around the school.

Digital Footprint Campaign

Relationships & Communication

Image - A representation of someone or something, such as a photo or drawing; the way someone or something is perceived by others.

Double Standard - A rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people.

Something that could happen online, is you meet people you've never met before. The problem is, is that you have no idea if they're actually the person you think they are. For all you know they could be a 40 year old male trying to have a relationship with a teen/pre-teen. If you know them personally it, it would be great to re-connect. You just have to be careful with who you're talking to online.

Does Technology Ruin Relationships?


Target - A person who is the object of an intentional action

Upstander - A person who supports and stands up for someone

Bystander - A person who does nothing when they witness something

Offender - A person who has malicious intent to hurt or damage someone

Being an upstander can be really important. If you see something happening, like bullying, you need to stand up and say thats wrong, or go find someone who will stop it from happening. You can change someones life by being an upstander.