Christmas in the British Isles

Celebrated on the 25th of December


The British Isles Christmas history is that they celebrate the Saints/Gods. On Christmas, December 25th, they celebrate Saint Nicolas. On Boxing day, it is a day to give to the poor. This day, December 26th, is also the day they celebrate St. Stephen. On January 1st, they celebrate New Years day and the coming of the new year. The children throw their letters in the fireplace the drought then carries the letters up the chimney to Father Christmas. They sings Christmas carols, and hang stockings on the mantel.

How Long is it Celebratd for?

They celebrate the Christmas holiday for 4 days. Christmas eve is on the Dec. 24th, Christmas is on the Dec. 25th, Boxing Day and St. Stephen's day is on Dec. 26th and New Years day/ Twelfth Night is on Jan. 1st.

Food They Eat During The Holidays

One of the favorite drinks during this time is called wassail, it is mulled ale, curdled cream, roasted apples, nuts, eggs, and spices. Christmas dinner includes roast turkey and rabbit for the poor with sprouts, parsnips, carrots. They enjoy Christmas pudding with raisins, nuts and cherries. Traditionally, a golden coin is hidden inside the pudding. The coin brings good fortune to whoever finds it. People of the British Isles also enjoy drinking wine out of a bowl.


They exchanged gifts on New Years day/ Twelfth Night. They exchange gifts such as toys for kids. And others stuff that people here get for Christmas. They also have stockings/socks.

Symbos and Decorations

People from the British Isles hang greens such as ivy, holly, and mistletoe. And they put up Christmas trees and hang stockings.


They call Santa Father Christmas, the children write letters to him and put them in the fireplace. Father Christmas reads them through the smoke. He then brings the presents to the children. They open the presents on Christmas afternoon. They also hang stockings on the mantel with hope to be filed with goodies the next morning.


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