Student Led Conferences


Thank You for coming

Dear Parents,Welcome to my Student Led Conference,I am going to show my Goals,Strengths,and weakness.Now lets get started

My Goals

My first goal was working hard at STEM to get a go grade on Convergent Thinking at a school test. About half way threw the year I soon wanted to get the golden sticker of stickyness. You can win this by getting a four and a very great job on Challenge Math.I reached that goal

What I succeed at

I got in for Math,Reading ,and Convergent Thinking. I did well this year in Challenge Math and Math projects. I also liked and did well at my book. I really worked in groups,partners,and by my self.

some things i need to work on

Somethings I need to work on is my spelling and speeches.I need to work on being louder,slowing down,and looking at the audience in the face. My spelling can be sloppy and misspelled .Thank You your daughter Haley