Information and Facts


The Cheviot sheep is resistant to worms and feetrot, they are also good mothers and have a good quality fleece. However they do not specialize in the meat industry.
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The Oxford is primarily used for meat and tends to forage for its own feed. Their wool is close texture, good length, and fine quality. They are not good in the dairy industry.
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The Suffolks are good mothers and are not as suceptible to internal parasites. They can also be used for milking. However they do have black wool which reduces its appeal for spinning and yarn making.
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Crossbreed: Sufford

The Sufford is a crossbreed between the Suffolk and the Oxford. It has a black face and ears with black legs. The rest of their body can be white or a cream color. The Sufford has a good quality fleece and can be dual purpose as well as being less susceptible to internal parasites. Although their black wool