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Neuro "accident"

Maria Hill talks family

Questions with Maria Hill

Dear Maria,

How can I get everyone in my family to reconnect with each other again, they've been hooked since we bought our Neuros.

- A worried Mother

Well this can be arranged by going to a forest retreat or a family game night ever week. Sometimes everyone just needs release off the screen for a good time.


Neuro headset for Sale

Despite all the ruckus about this it can be used for parts, gently used for $200

Brain Jack Movie Review

Sam Wilson, uber-hacker, teenager thrust into a world beyond his comprehension when he is recruited by the Department of Homeland Security. With the help of his new friends Dodge and Vinnea he must take on the biggest cyber threat the world has known, Ursula. Join Sam in his adventure through the Cyber future.

Starring Micheal Cera. In theaters now.


We have one this week from a boy who was death from addiction. "He was young but still so full of life," said his Mom. Hopefully his family will get better through the mourning